24 Howard – Young adult novels

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From “24 Howard” – young adult novels

“When I slip in Time, for a while I get an intense scent of strawberry and cream, which remains suspended in the air. The hard part is finding a place to start. Then everything becomes easier …

Okay, let’s try with objects. I’m sitting on the ground, legs crossed. I wear a light shirt and a skirt full of folds of the same material. Ehy, wait a second… a skirt?!? Are you kidding me?!? What a start… ”


The main character of “24 Howard” young adult novels is, of course, Howard, a young student with a passion for history. A passion born thanks to his grandfather’s wonderful stories, so realistic that they seem… fantastic.

Because Grandpa Ladin really went in those places, thanks to incredible magic dice that allow people to travel through time. A secret kept for years and defended by the threat of Hannah Chronistic, whose goal is to change the events of the past for her own purposes.

Now it’s Howard’s turn to save the course of history from the clutches of perfidious Hannah. Needless to say, Howard will have just… 24 hours to put things right again!!!

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