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    4 activity books - Age 3-5 - Project and texts

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What makes this good manners activity book unique

Each special window of this good manners activity book opens two ways so that little reader sees different contents. An incredible mechanism that, combined with cute illustrations, becomes a fun, effective and healthy way of learning how to be a very polite child.


«This orange soda is so good! Now, where do we leave the empty plastic cup?» baby panda asks to her daddy.

Now what? Lift the magic flap on the left and on the right to learn how to be a responsible kid!

«Nobody looks at us: let’s throw it in the grass», she proposes to her daddy. That’s not good: in this way you ruin the park and put plants and animals at risk.

«I’ll throw it in the waste bin: defending the environment is our duty.» That’s the right behavior to be the best puppy in the world!

Being responsible means avoiding dangers and respecting nature: in this way you’ll always be safe and make a good impression.

Each chapter of this good manners activity book contains a magic flap that help you learning how to be organized and responsible, to eat the right way and pay attention to personal hygiene, to have fun in the proper way and to be polite.

Your first “Magic Lift the Flap Book” of good manners has never been so unbeleiveble!

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