Rovagnati Panateen – Pirates on a roll! – Flow pack

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I love the open sea… even on holiday closures. And I really like my leopard’s plush step: it keeps me warm. Cuban Sibyl, flaw pack collectible cards


To revive the image of “Le Panatine – Rovagnati” product we decided to use new language and channels suited to children and teenagers’ target: flaw pack collectible cards and games online.

So we’ve created an entire world of funny and ironic pirates: from Chief O’ar to Tsunami, from Lucky Fluke to Jon Storm, from Tidal Jane to Cuban Sibyl. With a playability declined both offline (playing cards distributed in the product’s pack) and online (the gaming community “Panateen”).

In the sea of Internet, young web surfers can create their own pirate avatar and play exciting challenges by assembling pirate crews and interacting with other users.

The offline and online worlds maintain a constant exchange of inputs and outputs (codes on playing cards allow to increase the characteristics of the avatars, as well as unlock virtual cards online), guaranteeing an indissoluble link between fun and product purchase.

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