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    4 activity books - Age 3-5 - Project and texts

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What makes this everyday good manners activity book unique

Cute illustrations combined with an incredible mechanism: special windows of this everyday good manners activity book open two ways and show different contents. A fun, effective and healthy way of learning how to properly deal with others.


«Guys, please welcome your new classmate» the teacher says to the pupils.

Now what? Lift the magic flap on the left and on the right to learn how to deal with the other in the right way.

«Look at her, she’s trembling. I think she’s chickening out!» baby wolf laughs at her. But it is not the right way to behave.

«You can sit here! Or choose whatever desk you want.» «Thank you very much, I already feel like one of you!”.

Accept who is different from you and never make fun of him: if you learn to welcome others, you will have much gratitude in return.

Each chapter of this activity book contains a magic flap that help you learning how to communicate, respect, share, be polite, accept and cooperate with others.

Your first “Magic Lift the Flap Book” of good manners has never been so effective!

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