My first flap book – Emotions

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    Moon / Rusconi Libri - Rights sold to Cyprus, Greece, Latin America, Lithuania, Macedonia, Portugal, Serbia

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    4 activity books - Age 3-5 - Project and texts

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Emotions activity book

What makes this emotions activity book unique

Cute illustrations combined with an incredible mechanism: special windows of this emotions activity book open two ways and show different contents. A fun, effective and healthy way of learning how to manage emotions.


«Oh no! That stupid helix fell off!» baby tiger says, holding his broken toy helicopter.

Now what? Lift the magic flap on the left and on the right to learn the best way to handle anger!

«I don’t want to play anymore!» he screams, smashing the toy on the ground. Is this the right way to do it? Of course not!

It’s ok to be angry. Now breath deeply and get rid of the pain. «I fix the helix and I start to play again!». This is the best way to handle anger!

If you feel angry because things don’t go your way, “everything’s fine” is what you have to say.

Each chapter of this emotions activity book contains a magic flap that help you learning how to handle emotions: anger, sadness, fear, disgust, shyness and joy.

Your first “Magic Lift the Flap Book” of emotions has never been so magic!


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