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Eco friendly paper activity book

What makes this eco friendly paper activity book unique

Each chapter contains a wheel. Turn it and complete the figures to decide how characters behave. Then turn the page to discover how things change depending on the choice you’ve made about recycling. If you don’t like the impact your choices have on nature, go back a page and make a different decision. Don’t waste paper: save the planet!


Open this eco friendly paper activity book and join the team!

Hi! Nice to meet you. What’s your name? We’re Alex and Micky and together we’re Team Anti-Pollution!

Forests are in danger: they’re being cut down day after day. This phenomenon is called Deforestation.

Our special assignment is to stop it and protect the planet!!

Do you know that PAPER comes from trees? If forests are disappearing, paper is partially to blame. That’s right: to create the pieces of paper I’m holding, lots and lots of trees have to be cut down. So, let’s do all we can not to waste paper! Let me show you how…

Now it’s time to go from words to actions, and you’ll be the one to decide what we do!

We all make mistakes, but we can always learn from them!


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