The age of dinosaurs

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    Moon / Rusconi Libri - Rights sold to Czech Rep., Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia

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    2 lift the flap books - Age 6-8 - Project and texts

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What makes this dinosaurs lift the flap book unique

Join the Science Squad and embark on a journey back in time to discover all about T-Rex & co and preistoric people. Can you find all the secrets well hide in this dinosaurs lift the flap book?


Do you know what’s T-Rex’s favorite meal or what’s the dinosaur slow as a snail? Why did Triceratops ate rocks or what prehistoric people liked to wear? Of course not! How could you…?

Actually, there’s a way… right back in time, on the wings of your immagination! Meet Brienne, Concita, Winnie and Chaddy in the museum and join the Science Squad. Then go on an unbelievable journey through the age when Stegosaurus and Diplodocus, but also the first men, lived.

Rely on your exploring spirit and take a look around to discover all the secrets that hide behind millions of years. Reading this book will be an adventure you’ll never forget!


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