Bunnevil and its Conjurer – Comics script

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From “Bunnevil and its Conjurer” – Comics script

“Tricks are serious things, not jokes”

“By standing still, it’s easier to see illusions move”
Stilly Wonders


In the world of rabbits told by our comics script, every bunny knows that sooner or later it will end up in some magician’s hat. The only opportunity of a lifetime to become famous.

The problem for Bunnevil, a cynical upstart rabbit, is that the hat is Conjurer‘s, an awkward magician who dreams of becoming an employee.

In the ramshackle school of magic, housed in the old soviet atomic sub “DumbMariner”, they both try to fulfill their dream, surrounded by characters at the edge of decency: from Mammoth who claims to be God to Stilly Wonders the philosopher scarecrow, from the feminist alien Al Jena to the maniac wizard Herr Merlin.

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