Win your fears with Joy! – Children novelty book

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From “Win your fears with Joy!” – Children novelty book

Let me introduce myself: I’m Mr Chompers, the crazy rabbit. This smiling girl is only three years old! It never gets boring here because her name is… Joy!

We always have fun, we draw all day. Beautiful invented stories but also things what scare her! Wolves, ghosts, monsters and orcs, big, ugly and dirty too. Even stinky and at night they are scary!

Mr Chompers

“No more playing, off to bed now!” dad and mom say to little Joy every evening, before tucking her in. If you’ll read this children fear novelty book, you’ll find that when the night comes, fears become more “real” and she relies on her beloved fluffy Mr Chompers to face them.

Thus, as soon as the light goes out, Joy finds herself in the “Fantastic Sheet“, the fantasy world populated by the monsters she has drawn.

Thanks to her rabbit friend and, of course, to the little reader, every evening she will face her fears one by one, overcoming them at the end. Thus becoming the main character of that fantastic adventure called “growing up“.

Yes, because with this magic book you can help her make fears disappear… for real!

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