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From “Eye&Jack” – Cartoon script writing

Kasper the Magician: Most learned Zitrus, tell me: do you prefer remorse or regret?
Zitrus the Dwarf: Remorse, obviously.
KM: …and why is that?
ZD: Because I would pretty much like to change the answer I just gave you…
KM: And if you could change the answer, what would you say?
ZD: Regret, obviously.
KM … and why is that, this time?!?
ZD: Because I wish I hadn’t changed my answer.

We offered to Valpas Animation Studios our cartoon script writing service to create “Eye&Jack” cartoon: Eye and Jack are two “inseparable enemies“. In the perennial quiet of the hospice, they kill time by spiting each other. Everything seems normal, were it not a detail…

As a matter of facts, they are two very skilled retired hackers who, in order to make unforgettable their spites, have created a real virtual world within which two opposing teams of nice and improbable fantasy creatures live in a sort of university campus.

Thanks to the Internet, the frantic challenges that take place within the campus manage to achieve planetary goals such as the NASA central server or the Superbowl control room.

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