30 football players who made history

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    Anthology book - Age 6-10 - Project and texts

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What makes this anthology book unique

They rewrote the history of football, we wrote their story in this anthology book. For you. 30 world-class players told through a wonderful match between rich fact-files and inspiring anecdotes about personal hardship, heroic determination but, above all, the will to win.


Did you know that Cristiano Ronaldo‘s tattoos are marks of a wonderful soft heart? Or that every Lionel Messi‘s celebration after a goal is an attempt of embracing his beloved grandma? And what about the promise young Pelè made to his father: becoming what he really has become… the greatest of all!

In this anthology book you’ll find 30 today and yesterday’s world-class football players, 30 amazing stories that train your ability to see your heroes with different eyes. Each of them have ball skills, creative vision, power and speed. But above all a great beating heart full of love, passion, generosity, determination and, of course, the will to win. In sport, but mostly in life.

Put on your jersey and your soccer shoes, open this anthology book and enter the field with champions from around the world: Cruijff and Van Basten from Holland, Baggio and Buffon from Italy, Salah from Egypt, Ibrahimović from Sweden, Best and Beckam from Great Britain and many others. Let the game begin!


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