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From “Truly Frutti” – Animation movie script writing

Melany: Okay, Hercules, guess who I’m imitating now…
Brussels Sprout Hercules: Oh, it’s pretty easy: Leonardo DiCapricot in “What’s Eating Gilbert Grapes”!
M: Well done! And now?
H: Ah, that makes me go bananas, he is my idol! Jim Cherries in “Lemon Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events”


We offered Valpas Animation Studios our animation movie script writing service to create “Truly Frutti”: in the small Vegetable garden of carrots, a cheerful plot of land very close to the gigantic hyper-technological vitamin company, the old grandfather Lewis Carrot is about to go up to heaven. Before being caught, he confides his biggest secret to his little granddaughter Melany: going to the Moon is possible!

Accompanied by her loyal friends Banan the barb, Ony the onion, Hercule the Brussels sprout and “Shortest” Straw Berry, Melany goes on the most incredible adventure of her life. An adventure in search of the Big Apple beyond the ocean, the only one who can explain to her how to fulfill her grandfather’s dream.

An adventure full of dangers and fantastic discoveries. A boundless adventure that will take you… from the earth to the Moon!

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