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From “HollyWoods” – Animated series script writing

“What if… it was all these blunders that conquered people? What if our being always perfect in everything, during the performance, was actually something suspicious?”

The deafening thoughts that filled my head at one point, just like frogs that suddenly stop to croak at night, just ceased. And, in silence, I found myself in the most embarrassing situation of my life.



Freez the mouse, Hugene the elephant, Lazy Oscar the koala, Bunny & Claid the bunnies, Peter Panda, Fairy Tail the squirrel, King Liar the lion, Catty the tiger, Pig Bang the pig, Sparrow.

They are the main characters created by our animated series script writing: they are the animals members of “HollyWoods” theater company, eleven highly talented actors who dedicate their lives to the show.

A talent, however, questioned by an actual fact that they ignore: they are all puppets moved by Handy the puppeteer, who literally “hold over” them.

But Freez the mouse noses the truth and, in the name of freedom, decides to convince others that there’s a world out there just to be discovered.

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