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In Italy, during the Renaissance, at weddings or Carnival parties it was used to throw real sweets called “confetti“. Only from 1876, thanks to an idea by the engineer Ettore Fenderl who did not have the money to buy sweets, they were replaced with the cheaper paper circles.

DACO’S Confetti was born thanks to an idea too. Or rather thanks to IDEAS that, like small confetti, come together to form multicolored editorial project inspired by our claim (aka belief): fantasy works!

We took our long experience in children’s toy and flawpack creation and we made it work for the publishing market. As a matter of fact our activity and novelty books, enriched by incredible mechanisms, combine the fun that only toys can give and the incomparable pleasure of reading.

Why do publishers love our books?



It all starts from the exciting and powerful force of an idea


…the multicolored skills of our team transform it into a wonderful project


every day passion in what we do turns it in a magic one.

Do you like our fantasy works?

Take a look at what we’ve done so far and, if you think that fantasy works too, let’s contact us. We already have an idea for your next magic editorial project!

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